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Panther Claw is a villainous group that serves as the villains in the Cutie Honey movie. Unlike the other Panther Claw organizations in the Cutie Honey rebirth project, they are not a byproduct of the project that made Honey and have only stolen the materials from it.


While it is unknown how and when they were formed, their leader Sister Jill plans on becoming immortal and gaining eternal youth by taking the blood from young women and acquiring special nanotechnology. One certain set of nanotech was engineered by Dr. Kisaragi and Dr. Utsugi for the creation of the I-System. After killing Dr. Kisaragi, Panther Claw manages to get half of the plans for the nanotech but are left incomplete without the whole set. Years later they tried to reacquire it along with abducting young women for Jill. The product of Kisaragi and Utsugi, Cutie Honey however gets in the way until they attempt to claim Honey's I-System which resulted in the death of the Big Four and the end of Jill.