The Combatants of Panther Claw are the foot soldiers that work under the four executive heads. They are similar to the Panthers from other series but are unique in their recruitment and uniform.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The combatants wear Panther-like masks that cover the top part of their faces and they fit into a pocket. Unlike the panthers they do not wear the usual uniforms including the trench coat and fedora, but usually wear suits and appear as regular civilians as part of "Panther Claw lurking anywhere in society". They are armed with unique knives as their main weapon and are capable of killing and demolition without a moment's' notice. Occasionally they wield different weapons including a gun attached to their arms through alterations. The new versions of the combatants wear silver masks.

Recruitment Edit

As shown in the third and fourth episodes, one method of recruitment included faking an illness and a hospital taking the chance by implanting microchips in the patients that brainwash them. Other methods include molding wealthy youngsters into full fledged members of Panther Claw. Apparently they also have retirement as stated by one spy.

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