The Panther Disco is a night club secretly owned by Panther Claw as a way to get new recruits to join their organization in Cutey Honey 90s.

Appearance Edit

The Panther Disco club is a large tower with a panther statue on the front terrace. Inside the building are large rooms for the parties thrown as well as the meeting places for the entire Panther Claw ensemble.

History Edit

Panther Disco became sort of a popular place filled with dancing and cheer. When Panther Claw decided to attack, the panther form of Sister Jill attacked one of the party goers taking her appearance as well as using her hypnotic abilities to have the rest of the guests work for Panther Claw. Sending out Panther Claw kaijin to attack the city, Panther Claw battles Cutey Honey again with the Panther Disco being destroyed in the large battle between them.

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