Panther Zora
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age (Ageless)
Status Sealed
Played by Rumi Watanabe
Panther Zora is the primary antagonist of Cutie Honey Flash. She is the leader of Panther Claw and a supernatural entity that acts as the personification of human greed.


Unlike earlier counterparts of Panther Zora, this version has always appeared as a statue that resembles her original counterpart rather than as a physical or spiritual being.

Abilities and PowersEdit

As Panther Zora can only act through her statue, she is unable to take physical action but holds supernatural powers that even the other members of Panther Claw fear. She is able to brand people with the Mark of Hatred and is able to survive on human greed that is ever-present making her immortal. Zora is able to move objects and project force as an attack or as protection.


Zora usually appeared to relay orders to the commanding officer in charge of operations until Cutie Honey faced her in the final battle. Zora had the upper hand and Honey did not even appear to make a dent. It was only until Honey sealed Zora in crystal was Zora able to be defeated and Panther Claw disappearing into another realm of existence.

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