Panther Zora
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Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age Seemingly Ageless
Status Active
Played by Sachiko Kobayashi
Panther Zora was the omnipresent leader of Panther Claw. Zora was a predominantly unseen presence with seemingly little interest in the activites of Panther Claw or the super android Honey Kisaragi.

Appearance Edit

Zora was only seen as a giant idol of light, shaped in a vague humanoid image. The classic panther helm is still present atop her head.

Personality Edit

Zora seemed mostly disinterested in the activities of Sister Jill, though its implied she bestowed upon Jill her abilities and the leadership of Panther Claw. She didnt really care about the ultimate defeat of Panther Claw, and was just impressed by Honey's tenacity.

History Edit

Jill had little presence during the series, after granting Jill her powers she vanished and decidedly stayed out of the world of man. Jill seemed to worship her, as there were multiple statues of Zora erected in her honour. Shortly before Honey murdered Jill, she complimented the girl on her drive for vengeance.

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