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Scissor Claw's Panthers

The Panthers are the foot soldiers of Panther Claw. Compared to other counterparts, they are given more diverse appearances and abilities depending on who they work for.


The Panthers primarily dress in black catsuits that cover the body save for the lower area of their faces. They usually dress in trench coats and fedoras but some members wear armor and others outfits depending on who they work for. For example: the Panthers under Tomohawk Panther dress in the stereotypical plains Native American headbands with feathers and war make up.

Abilities and Equipment[]

The Panthers role as canon fodder makes them weaker than the full members of Panther Claw but they have access to powerful weapons including submachine guns and rocket launchers. Depending on the commander they also have specialized weaponry like the ones under Scissors Claw having scissors that are used like throwing knives.