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The Panthers are the footsoldiers of Panther Claw as well as the only male members. Unlike their counterparts from the anime which were artificial humanoids created for certain tasks, the Panthers in the manga are implied to have been humans that were mind controlled by Panther Zora and Sister Jill, as seen in Cutey Honey 90s where Jill recruited every other guest of the Panther Disco to join her and Panther Claw.


The Panthers are always seen wearing black cat suits that cover most of their body with cat-like ears. Some members where trenchcoats and a few of them wear fedoras as well.

Abilities and Equipment[]

The Panthers are rather weak compared to the main kaijin of Panther Claw, as they are easily defeated by Cutey Honey yet appear to more capable than the average human. They wear a variety of disguises that make them blend in to areas. The Panthers are armed with a variety of weapons including hand guns, knives, and machine guns.



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