Panthers are the main artificial soldiers of Panther Claw and in a technical sense, the only male members.


The standard Panther wears a blue form-fitting bodysuit and a cowl with pointed ears on its head, giving them the appearance of a black panther. Other clothing is often worn over their uniforms, the most common of which being a white jacket and fedora.


Panthers are of generally-low intelligence, which usually makes them little more than expendable cannon-fodder for Cutey Honey to destroy. Despite this, they can be dangerous in groups. In combat, they are capable of using a wide variety of weapons such as a Ruger P08, Thompson sub-machine guns, several other firearms, knives, and whips. They can drive nearly any vehicle and disguise themselves as humans. When defeated, they turn into bubbles.


The Panthers are nearly always used to assist the higher-ranked Panther Claw villains on their various schemes, though they are usually the first to get killed when they are made to fight with Honey Kisaragi.

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