Paul Tamamoto
Paul tamamoto
Vital statistics
Position Pro-Wrestler (Retired)
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Alive
Paul Tamamoto is a retired professional wrestler whose fame earned him wealth to own a gold Buddha statue which became a target for Panther Claw.

Production Background Edit

Tamamoto was a minor character that appeared in the manga Meiwaku Tantei Iboji Kogoro, often as a client for the title character Kogoro Iboji.

Appearance Edit

Tamamoto is a large middle aged man sporting a distinctly shaped head with a bald top and a braided beard. For clothing he has only been seen in a kimono with a jacket and sandals.

Personality Edit

Tamamoto is a serious minded individual treating predicaments such as the threat of Panther Claw with the needed paranoia. He is not very intelligent, shown when he misunderstood some things said by Kogoro Iboji and does not like being told that he is not smart either, lashing out at those who say it. He does not take well to figures that prove otherwise unfruitful like Kogoro.

Abilities Edit

As a retired wrestler, Tamamoto has an impressive physique allowing him certain feat of grappling and striking that he often uses on Kogoro. He appears to have a strong mental fortitude as he was still standing and had his eyes open when he was put to sleep with gas.

History Edit

With his gold Buddha Statue being a target for Panther Claw, Tamamoto's residence was kept under guard by the police but was displeased with the bumbling nature of Kogoro. Cutey Honey had snuck into his residence and put everyone to sleep with a gas with Tamamoto still standing with his eyes open. Honey had the statue hidden while she took its place. Panther Claw then arrived when everyone woke up getting through the defences simply by walking through the front door. Tamamoto was displeased at the results and took it out on Kogoro.

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