Peeping Spider
Vital statistics
Position Servant of Dolmeck
Age N/A
Status Alive
Played by Hirohiko Kakegawa (Japan); Guil Lunde (English)

Peeping Spider is one of the servants of the "Lord of Darkness" Dolmeck.

Appearance Edit

Peeping Spider is a grey-skinned man with messy pink hair. He is always seen wearing a black jumpsuit with yellow chest armor and a mechanical harness with spider legs attached to it. His upper face is obscured by his special-vision goggles, leaving his mouth visible.

Personality Edit

Peeping Spider is loyal to Dolmeck and is almost always seen by his side, but his whiny voice and cowardly nature makes him a bit grating to be around. He is also a notorious pervert and isn't above exploiting his abilities to spy on beautiful women.

Abilities Edit

Like his namesake, Peeping Spider can spin nigh-indestructible webs and cling to walls. He can also turn invisible for ambushes, though sharp-eyed enemies can still faintly spot him. Spider's goggles allow him to see through solid objects and track energy wavelengths.

History Edit

For the first three episodes of New Cutie Honey, Peeping Spider merely appears alongside Dolmeck as his loyal subordinate. Spider does eventually fight Honey in the third episode and uses his goggles to learn that she is an android. As he escapes, Spider kidnaps Chokkei Hayami and takes him to Dolmeck's airship. In the fourth episode, Honey and the Hayami family follow them in the Honey Comet and board the airship, and Spider is repeatedly attacked by the Hayami family. Later, Spider is ordered by Dolmeck to kill Chokkei and does so, but learns too late that Honey transformed into Spider to get in close.

Though Spider is not seen escaping the airship as it is destroyed, he is revealed to still be alive in the eighth episode. Honey catches him spying on a strip club and confronts him, as she needs the help of his goggles in order to catch the teleporting gold thief Gold Digger by tracking the energy trail of the teleporter device she had stolen from Dr. Kabuto. During the confrontation with Gold Digger, Honey and Spider get locked inside a giant freezer and Spider nearly freezes to death until Honey offers to let him use her body heat to survive until the freezer gets opened (which nearly gets him killed when Danbei sees him in the compromising position). Spider continues to help Honey in defeating Gold Digger, after which he vanishes. At the end of the episode, he is seen deep in thought as he stares at one of the thief's gold bullets.

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