Puman Claw
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Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Combatant
Age Early Twenties
Status Deceased
Puman Claw is a member of Panther Claw serving as the villain of episode 19.


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Puman Claw is a buxom female humanoid creature with a mostly cheetah-like appearance. She has a face that is outlined in red with a red and black feather extending from her forehead. She has spines extending from her back and has a mamba for a tail.


Puman Claw possesses cheetah-like speed, which she uses in hit-and-run tactics. Her main method of attack is her extendable mamba tail which are highly venomous and combined with reinforced fangs give it a deadly bite to enemies. She can get down to all four and run like a real cheetah.

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When first introduced, Puman Claw kills one of her minions after he tells Honey about her when interrogated, noting how she hates snitches. She disappears afterward.

She ambushes Honey in the abandoned wild west city-set with some Panthers, and her super-speed makes it impossible for Honey to hit her, resulting in her ensnaring Honey with the snake-tail. When she moves in for the kill, however, she is stopped by a shuriken thrown into her paw by Junpei, which drives her away.

After Honey pretends to be captured by a "human" hostage Panther, she orders him to take her to Puman Claw's lair. Admiring the palace, Honey expresses that Panther Claws are cute in a way, to which Puman Claw replies "All Panther Claws are beautiful women, and what we do is naturally cute." She reveals her plans - amassing stolen nuclear missiles she will attack New York, disguising the construction material as UFO sightings.

Revealing she is not a captive, Honey holds a gun on her. But Puman Claw reveals she has taken Honey's friends hostage. Sister Jill - via a crystal ball - orders her to take Honey's necklace. Luckily for Honey, the wounded Johnny jumps Puman Claw from behind, tackling her to the ground; giving Honey time to free everyone.

Puman Claw runs away to face Honey outside the base. She uses her circling super-speed attack again, but Honey closes her eyes and trusts her heart to make the attack. First by stabbing Puman Claw's snake-tail in the head, then stabbing her between the ribs into her heart, killing her.

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