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Re: Cutie Honey (Re:キューティーハニー Ri Kyūtī Hanī) is an OVA series that was a part of a project to reintroduce the Cutie Honey franchise to the 21st century along with the Cutie Honey movie and Cutie Honey a Go Go!. The series was co-produced with Gainax and Toei Animation, directed by Hideaki Anno, and shown on the Animax satellite television network in 2004. The first episode aired on July 24, two months after the live-action film was released. DVD releases for each episode followed, with the first released on September 21. The series tells the same story as the film, but contains nudity and additional character development.


Rampant crimes have been going throughout Japan by the mysterious organization Panther Claw. The police are nearly powerless to stop them but young and capable women are always able to stop these attacks. Soon it is revealed that the women all happened to be the same person, the warrior of love Cutie Honey. Police Inspector Natsuko Aki sees Cutie Honey as a public nuisance and attempts to have her arrested. But being the only one capable of fighting Panther Claw, she accepts her help. Still she is not very thrilled when she finds out that she and Honey are neighbors or being advanced by the mysterious journalist Seiji Hayami.


The series makes references to other anime such as Lupin III and Sailor Moon, and many references to Kill Bill. As with prior Cutie Honey series, the OVA also features cameos from some of Go Nagai's other works, including Akira Fudo of Devilman, Kouji Kabuto and Boss from Mazinger Z, Duke Fleed from Grendizer, and previous Cutie Honey regular Danbei.

Each of the episodes in the series had its own director in addition to Anno; a reviewer on the Gainax fansite Gainax Pages said that the episodes have such differing styles that "each episode director must have had considerable autonomy".

Re: Cutie Honey, like the 1970s manga, portrays Cutie Honey with dark-reddish eyes, not green eyes as in New Cutie Honey and Cutie Honey Flash; in Re: Cutie Honey, she also wears an outfit that covers more of her cleavage than the other versions, but shows her midriff and other parts.

The opening theme, used for both the OVA and the live-action movie, is "Cutie Honey," whilst the ending theme is "Into your Heart", both performed by Koda Kumi.


The OVA was praised for its digital ink and paint artwork but was also called distorted and unsettling. Its story and music were also praised for being creative, funny, and un-repetitive.