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Rinko Terada
Rinko as Kekko Kamen
Rinko as Kekko Kamen
Vital statistics
Position Actress,

Panther Claw Kaijin

Age (Adolescent)
Status Deceased
For other uses, see Rinko Terada (Disambiguation).

Kekko Kamen (real name Rinko Terada) is an actress and junior high student playing the shameless role of the character of the same name. She is later mutated into a kaijin by Sister Jill to join Panther Claw.


In her original human form Rinko has short but messy black hair and dark eyes with a voluptuous body. In her Kekko Kamen costume she wears her character's trademark mask with the long ears, scarf, gloves, and boots while not wearing other forms of clothing. In her mutated form she resembles a tiger-like humanoid.


Rinko puts up the front of a bold and serious person. In reality however, she is under a lot of pressure from the other students in her school as well as her mother to be the best there is. She took the role as she feels the mask of Kekko Kamen empowers her to be someone powerful and strong. These feelings were taken advantage of by Sister Jill and after Rinko was given the altering cells by Jill, she uses her mask of Kekko Kamen to commit crimes such as burglary and murder.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Fitting the role of Kekko Kamen, Rinko is highly skilled in gymnastics having been trained as a child by her mother. She also uses the other weapons used by Kekko Kamen such as the nunchaku. In her mutated tiger-like form, she gains enhanced strength and speed.


Kekko Kamen finished a scene during the shooting. In her dressing room, Rinko was approached by Sister Jill who injected her alteration cells into Rinko. Donning her Kekko Kamen mask, Rinko murdered one of her coworkers. She later encounters Cutey Honey when she was robbing a jewelry store and escapes. At school Rinko is rebuked by her coach and mother lashing out at her before encountering Honey again. During the battle, Rinko tells Honey her real life before assuming a tiger-like form. Honey tearfully slays her to bring Rinko out of her misery.


  • The character Kekko Kamen originally appeared as the title character in another manga by Go Nagai.