Rinko Terada
Vital statistics
Position Office Worker
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Played by Yuka Komatsu

Rinko Terada is an office worker in the same company as Honey Kisaragi. She is often seen with her coworker Mayumi Takahashi.

Appearance Edit

Rinko is a young woman of average height with a buxom figure, short light red hair, the same colored eyes, and lipstick. She is usually seen in her work uniform consisting of a blue outfit with a white zipper and a name tag.

Personality Edit

Rinko seems to be a serious individual who takes priority in her job and dislikes the fact that Honey is always late or leaves early. She also goes into popular opinion a little easy sharing the public's opinion on Cutie Honey and Panther Claw. Rinko seems to be a smoker based on one of her outbursts.

History Edit

Rinko is usually seen with her coworker Mayumi and at times her boss Mannen. They often are frustrated with Honey always arriving late or leaving early. As the public's opinion on Honey makes a turn for the worse, Rinko and Mayumi follow the fray. They are soon captured by Panther Claw in their attempts to find Honey and use them and several other women for Sister Jill's plans. They are later liberated after Jill is defeated.

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