Ryo Utsugi
Vital statistics
Position Scientist
Age Middle-Aged
Status Active
Played by Masaki Kyomoto
Dr. Ryo Utsugi is a colleague of the late Dr. Kisaragi and helped him bring back his daughter to life as Honey Kisaragi. After his friend's death, he became Honey's guardian.

Personality Edit

Dr. Utsugi is portrayed as a caring parental figure towards Honey and a loyal friend to her father, letting Honey stay at his home after her father's death. His feelings were strong enough to instinctively recall Honey when his memories were stolen. He knows the risks of his research getting into the wrong hands and tries to keep others from getting their hands on it.

Abilities Edit

Dr. Utsugi is a scientist specializing in nanotechnology, having a hand in the development of the I-System that revived Honey and gave her powers as Cutie Honey. The same nanotechnology would later be used by Panther Claw for their footsoldiers and Sister Jill's attempts at immortality.

History Edit

Dr. Utsugi had taken Honey under his care after Dr. Kisaragi was attacked by Panther Claw and part of their research was stolen. He would later be tracked down by Panther Claw again in order to get the rest of his research. While he resisted, Gold Claw captured him until she was defeated by Cutie Honey. While liberated, he would be captured again but he refused to say anything so his memories were stolen instead. But even this wasn't enough for Panther Claw's leader Sister Jill. She held him for ransom until Natsuko Aki offered to take his place which Jill accepted. Dr. Utsugi was presumed to have returned home unharmed after Panther Claw was defeated.

Trivia Edit

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