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Ryoma Nagare
Vital statistics
Position (In Story) Karate Master
Age Late teens
Status Active

Ryoma Nagare was the supporting protagonist in the first chapter of Honey VS. He is based on the character of the same name from the Getter Robo series, the story itself serves as a semi-prequel to the events of the beginning of the original Getter Robo manga.

Appearance and Personality[]

Ryoma was a well muscled teen, seen wearing traditional karate clothing and had shoulder-length messy black hair. Ryoma is a headstrong and fearless young man, willing to fight against a seemingly overwhelming opponent. He is also somewhat clueless falling for Honey's excuse of being in the mountains and falling out of the sky.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ryoma was a highly skilled fighter and a master of nearly all Karate techniques, but used them in a much more offensive manner than traditional styles. His physical strength is very high, able to damage a kaijin of Panther Claw with only his fists and block a heavy attack from the same monster.


Ryoma was training in the mountains when Honey fell out of a tree and right in front of him. Asking who she was and where she came from, Honey explained she was photojournalist working for a tour guide to find a hot spring in the mountains. Ryoma took her story and explained there were hot springs nearby and replied to her that he was training with a style he inherited from his father to never lose a fight. They were attacked by Dragon Panther and Eagle Claw. While Eagle Claw caught Honey, Ryoma fought Dragon Panther surprisingly able to block her tail attack and inflict damage onto her. Dragon Panther caught Ryoma in her tail and was about to attack him had Honey not intervened. Witnessing a Mechasaurus kill Eagle Claw, Ryoma left after cutting his hair and at some point became the pilot of the Getter Robo.