Sakunosuke Tanaka
Vital statistics
Position Fishmonger

Right hand of Hiromi Tanaka

Age (Middle Aged)
Status Alive
Played by Tsutomu Kitagawa
Sakunosuke Tanaka is the husband of Hiromi Tanaka who he assists in her schemes. He is a fishmonger that runs a shop in the shopping district living with his wife and son.

Personality Edit

Sakunosuke is portrayed as being lazy and berates his wife when she demands he help out at the shop. He is a little perverse when it comes to young girls as well. However he is absolutely loyal to Tanaka when the situation is serious, boldly wearing the shop's banner as a cape and following her every order.

Abilities Edit

While Sakunosuke lacks any bodily enhancements or bionics, he is quite versed in Wushu able to fight off both Nakajo and Watari with his skills alone. He often uses a staff made of frozen eels provided by his wife. His only weakness is his bad hip.

History Edit

Sakunosuke has always been seen around his wife, usually at the shop slacking off or when driving a truck for Tanaka's plan to capture Cutie Honey. He assists in his wife's schemes including serving as a second hand when they abducted Honey or when they had to fight an angry mob during Tanaka's tax plan. By the time Tanaka was killed, she leaves the shopping district to Sakunosuke.

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