Saori Fukazawa
Saori fukazawa
Vital statistics
Position Stunt Actress
Age Young Adult
Status Unknown
Saori Fukazawa was a minor character in the manga Cutey Honey Tennyo Densetsu. She was a stunt actress on a tokusatsu show that played a character named Ultra Pink. While working on the series she unintentionally became the object of desire of super fan Junji Ogimori.


Saori was a young woman with slight muscle tone. She had short dark hair and thin eyebrows.


Saori Fukazawa was an actress hired to perform stunt as the character of Ultra Pink. Fukazawa eventually picked up the unwanted adoration of Junji Ogimori, a Tokusatu super fan who saw Ultra Pink as a sexual symbol of lust. Ogimori harassed Fukazawa on set and even of set for several weeks before Fukazawa tried to disuade him from pursing her by saying she had a boyfriend. This only convinced Ogimori to try harder, leading to him being barred from set. This threw Ogimori into a rage and he adopted a new identity, the urban terrorist Bomber Kid.

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