Scarlet Claw
Vital statistics
Position One of the Four Gods of Panther Claw
Age 8 or 9 years old
Status Deceased (Killed by Cutie Honey's Lightning Lancer)
Played by Hiromi Konno
Scarlet Claw is one of the Four Gods of Panther Claw representing the Heart suit and an antagonist in Re: Cutie Honey. Unlike her colleagues, she is given a different appearance and personality compared to her movie counterpart.


Unlike her movie incarnation, who was an adult, this version of Scarlet Claw is a young girl with a plain red parasol. She retains most of her costume's design from her live action film incarnation save for the jewelry, lack of hair extensions and no white kabuki face makeup.


Scarlet Claw is a bratty kid who enjoys making Honey suffer by turning everyone against her. She also seems to dislike women in general. Despite her childish behavior, she shows that she has a level of maturity beyond her years and can be serious in battle.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Scarlet Claw's weapon is her parasol, which she uses as a sword, shield or as a rotating sawblade. She also uses it to fly or activate a hidden function that transforms it into a satellite dish-like weapon that fires powerful blasts of energy. Like her film counterpart, she is armed with the Scarlet Beam, an energy cannon blast fired from her mouth.


Scarlet Claw was among the Four Gods when they were summoned by Sister Jill. She then worked alongside Cobalt Claw for a plan to turn the public against Cutie Honey and later track her down. When Honey revealed herself while destroying Scarlet Claw's subordinates: Tank, Bazooka, and Sky Panther; Scarlet stabbed Cobalt in the back turning her into nanomachines to negatively affect Honey. After setting out her fighters, Honey defeated them all but her I-System was breaking down due to Cobalt's nanites. Scarlet Claw seems confident that her plan worked but after Honey came back with renewed faith, she destroyed Scarlet Claw with her Lightning Laner.

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