Scope Panther
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Kaijin
Age (Adult)
Status Destroyed
Scope Panther is one of Gold Claw's subordinates, used in her plan to attack the police.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Scope Panther's has telescopic eyes that can enhance and retract in her head with yellow and red lenses. She has a small fame barely only a foot tall but has sharp claws. Scope Panther has a lecherous personality, invading a woman's bath house to find people that meet the criteria for Panther Claw's kaijin.

Abilities Edit

While not seen in battle for very long, Scope Panther's eyes allow her to see images with an enhance and retract function, while appearing to also have a camera-like function to save images. She is also rather agile, able to avoid most attacks and her claws are strong enough to cut apart simple tools.

History Edit

Scope Panther invaded a woman's bath house perversely staring at the bodies as she barged in. She was fought off by an old lady and left for the police. When she and her cohorts, Destroyer and Doctor Panther escape confinement, they wreak havoc at the police station. With the police not able to stop them and the Panthers, the Panther kaijin and Gold Claw encounter the old lady who got Scope Panther caught appears as Cutie Honey. Fighting against the Panther Claw forces, Honey manages to destroy them.

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