Scorpion Panther
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Kaijin
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Scorpion Panther is a Panther Claw kaijin that served as the antagonist of episode 23 of the Cutie Honey anime.


Scorpion Panther is a humanoid with a red upper body with pincer claws and a scorpion tail, black legs, and a yellow face with a black headdress.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Scorpion Panther is armed with armored claws that are able to catch weapons and crush with excellent force. Her scorpion tail contains a paralyzing venom. She is able to blend in environments through a human disguise and can swim. Scorpion Panther can launch pods from her forehead that are able to create a field that nullifies sound.


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