Scud Panther
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Vital statistics
Position Elite of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased
Played by Asako Dodo
Scud Panther is an elite member of Panther Claw from the Middle East branch with the nickname "Devil of the Desert".


Scud Panther resembles an adult woman with an usual hairstyle that is colored purple and black. Her outfit consists of a black body suit that goes up to her chest with elbow length gloves that are worn over the middle fingers. On her chest is yellow and orange armor while wearing a yellow skirt. She is often seen with a scud missile attached to her back.


Scud Panther seeks out a purpose in life which she believes is defeating Cutie Honey and has no interest in retrieving the Airborne Element Fixing Device, but is none-the-less dutiful. She has a sense of honor seen when Scud admits defeat to Honey.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Scud Panther is able to fly using the missile attached to her back and can engage in aerial dogfights using the blades attached to her arms. For ranged combat, she can shoot the scud missile on her back at enemies.


Scud Panther once met a girl in the middle east but she was killed in a battle against a hostile group and Panther Claw which started a hatred of Sister Jill and the people responsible for her friend's death. Longing for a purpose, she fought against Honey after being given the order, but when she was explaining her background Sister Jill attacked them to retrieve the device. Angry that Jill interfered, Scud Panther entered a three-way battle and was defeated by Honey. Admitting her defeat, Scud Panther acknowledged Honey but Jill purged her life.


  • Scud Panther's design comes from Maquis Janus, a villain from Great Mazinger.
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