Seiji in Re: Cutie Honey.

Seiji Hayami is a recurring character that frequently appears as one of Cutie Honey's closest allies and friends. He is depicted as being either a reporter or a private investigator.


Cutie Honey
Seiji is a young boy who is in the Kisaragi lab on the day when Panther Claw attacks and kills Dr. Kisaragi. As the only witness to the incident and the only other person at the time who knows of Honey's existence as an android, he becomes Honey's frequent ally in her quest to destroy Panther Claw.

Cutie Honey Flash
In this version, Seiji is a private eye, but still frequently comes to Honey's aid. As the series continues, Seiji begins developing romantic feelings for Honey during her battles. He later gets married to Honey and they have a daughter together.

Re: Cutie Honey
Seiji is an undercover agent for the Japanese government and is assigned to maintain surveillance on Honey Kisaragi and ensure that she does not become a rogue destroyer like her predecessor Sister Jill. To this end, Seiji discloses Honey's origins to Natsuko Aki and comes to Honey's aid when her body malfunctions.

Cutie Honey film
A reporter who possesses knowledge on Honey's I-System and its connection to Panther Claw.

Cutie Honey a Go Go!
A mysterious reporter employed by an information broker with a good amount of knowledge on Honey and Panther Claw.

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