Seiji Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Private Detective
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Played by Susumu Chiba

Seiji Hayami is a supporting character in Cutie Honey Flash. Unlike his other counterparts, Seiji is a private detective rather than a journalist and was not aware of Honey's identity until much later in the series.

Appearance & AbilitiesEdit

Seiji has an appearance similar to his other counterparts including his clothing and flat hat. As a private detective, Seiji has skills in investigation and finding leads especially if they are related to Panther Claw.


Seiji is serious minded especially when it comes to Panther Claw with the death of his father. He wants to get revenge on his father's murderer and goes for any leads he can find. Over the course of the series, Seiji grows rather close towards Cutie Honey (later her civilian identity Honey Kisaragi) as they had similar goals. He even has a daughter with her which later develops to marriage.


When Seiji was a child, his father Hayato Hayami was killed by Sister Jill. Spending the rest of his time to become a detective, he vows to track down and destroy Panther Claw. During one of his investigations, he encounters Cutie Honey and after helping him deal with a Panther Claw kaijin they agree to work together. Seiji would serve as an informant to Honey. At some point near the end of the series, he conceives a daughter with Honey whom he names Seira Hayami. Three years later, he marries Honey to complete the family.

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