Seiji Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Informant
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Seiji Hayami is a supporting character in Cutie Honey a Go Go!. Like his counterparts, he serves as an informant to Cutie Honey.

Appearance  Edit

Seiji is a young man with an average build and height. He has brown hair and eyes. His clothing usually consists of a jacket, pants, shoes, as well as a flat hat.

Abilities Edit

Seiji serves as an informant giving important information to clients, whether it is related to Honey or Panther Claw. He usually keeps a recorder or a camera to keep important information.


Seiji is shown to be flirtatious and easygoing, usually flirting with Honey or Natsuko Aki. Despite his supposed job as a journalist he obviously knows more than he should. This is revealed to be because he works for a secret group of information gatherers. Naturally he gets a little upset when his job is interrupted by something including when Natsuko took his camera for evidence.

History Edit

Seiji had gotten help from a helicopter pilot to observe the rampage of Badfly Claw and her battle with Cutie Honey. He also saw the safety agent who appeared on the scene, Natusko Aki. After the battle ended, Natsuko took his camera as evidence much to his chagrin. Afterwards, he provided information and supplies to Honey and Natsuko. Natsuko found him suspicious given his amount of information but Honey trusted him especially since he provided her father's last message. He also talked with his boss Daniel Bey to make sure things don't go out of control.

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