Seiji Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Reporter(?)
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Played by Jun Murakami

Seiji Hayami is a mysterious reporter who assists Honey Kisaragi and Natsuko Aki in the battle against Panther Claw. There is certainly more to him than meets the eye but it has not been elaborated on.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Seiji is a young man with dark hair and eyes usually dressed in a flat hat as well as a jacket. He is rather easy going and often acts as a random bystander when it's obvious that there is more to him than just that.

Abilities Edit

Seiji serves as an informant to others if they can use it right including Panther Claw and Honey's identity that no one else is able to find. He has access to information such as Dr. Kisaragi and Dr. Utsugi's research and the nanomachines of Panther Claw's members which was hidden from the public eye. He also used nanomachines that could counteract the nanotech of Panther Claw and counteract their technology.

History Edit

Seiji first appeared when Honey was arrested by Natsuko saying that she was arresting her under false charges. Natsuko arrested him to but Honey escaped and later so did he. He met up with Honey again on a monorail explaining that Panther Claw used nanotechnology similar to ones in Dr. Utsugi's research. They also meet Natsuko again with Seiji giving her the nickname Nat-chan something that Honey picked up too, but Squad Chief Aki wasn't thrilled by it. Later when Honey and Natsuko go out he meets them again and invites them both to karaoke where he gets drunk from the excitement. The following morning he finds an invitation from Panther Claw to the Jill Tower. While Honey and Natsuko go up the tower, Seiji went below the bottom where he released nanotech that caused some of Panther Claw's systems to go haywire and free the captured girls that Panther Claw gathered. Seiji then founded a detective agency with Honey and Natsuko after Panther Claw's defeat.

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