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Seiji Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Reporter (cover),

Undercover Agent

Age Young Adult
Status Active
Played by Hideo Ishikawa

Seiji Hayami is a supporting character in Re: Cutie Honey, he claims to be a newspaper reporter but is actually an undercover government agent monitoring Honey Kisaragi to make sure she doesn't go rogue like Sister Jill.


Seiji is a young man with dark brown hair and eyes, his clothing consists a tan flat hat, a light blue jacket over a black shirt, light colored pants, and dark shoes.


Seiji is depicted as easygoing and frivolous especially with Honey and Natsuko. But he can be serious when he needs to be especially when dealing with how Honey needs assistance.


With the information he has been presented with by the government about Honey and Panther Claw, Seiji serves as an informant to Honey and Natsuko and also has access to special equipment including a device that can put Honey down or a vial that can restart her systems should something happen.


Seiji has appeared from time to time to provide information and assistance including Honey escaping from Natsuko when she tried to arrest her. Natsuko was always suspicious of Seiji due to knowing more than a simple news reporter should. Seiji however, proved to be a useful ally when Honey needed help including when she was breaking down or when she was forcibly used with the Jill Tree.