Seiji Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Reporter
Age (Young Adult)
Status Active
Played by Koji Mori

Seiji Hayami is a reporter working for Totaiyo Newspaper and the eldest son of the Hayami Family. He becomes Honey Kisaragi's first ally in the battle against Panther Claw, and one of the few people who know about them.


Seiji is a young man with dark brown hair and the same colored eyes. He wears a flat hat along with his usual clothing of a jacket over a shirt and pants.


Seiji is a mild mannered person who sympathizes with Honey over the loss of her father. He becomes attracted to Honey as the series progress but is also a little afraid of her when she threatens him. Seiji appears to be in a good relationship with his family, in spite of being the object of teasing. While always ready to get a good scoop, Seiji is willing to hold back on a chance for other people's sake, especially if it is related to Panther Claw. Seiji also has a sense of justice and wants to help in any way in the battle against Panther Claw.


As a reporter, Seiji likes to record events for a scoop and has connections to institutions to serve as an informant. In terms of combat, he is very weak often getting pinned down quickly. For transportation, Seiji drives a motorcycle that Honey often hijacks as Hurricane Honey.


Seiji first met Honey when he was riding his bike and Honey assumed the form of Hurricane Honey for the first time and later learned about Panther Claw when Honey fought against one of the kaijin. Seiji saw this as a chance for his big scoop but Honey stopped him from going any further after an angry yet tearful argument. Afterwards, Seiji agrees to help Honey in her battle against Panther Claw. For most of the series, Seiji would be found in a tight spot and had to be rescued by Honey or his father Danbei.

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