Seiko Hayami
Seiko Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Private investigator
Age Young Adult approx. age 21-30
Status Active
Seiko Hayami is the daughter of Seiji Hayami and a private investigator who handles cases that the police are unable to handle. Growing up on the stories of Cutey Honey as told by her father, Seiko founded a detective agency to deal with criminals and one day meet Honey, unaware of the fact that her assistant Hisashi Hanyu is really Honey in disguise.


Seiko is a young, well built woman with long slightly messy teal hair and blue eyes. Her clothes are usually rather revealing showing her cleavage and an opening in the stomach area.


Seiko is an experienced investigator, looking for any leads to follow suspects on a case. She is very adept with firearms, even with automatic and large caliber guns.

Personality Edit

Seiko is a tough and serious person, willing to put her life on taking down a suspect on a case and punish anyone who humiliates her. However, she is also sexually promiscuous and shameless coming out of the shower with not even a towel, or having oral sex with an attractive young man when he was unconscious. Seiko even mentioned that she raped a few boys in high school. She likes to tease her assistant Hanyu and get him to be less afraid of naked women. Seiko has a fascination with Honey having heard of the stories of her as a child from her father and seeks to know more about Honey by speaking with her.


Seiko was usually called upon when the police were facing difficulties in cases, often with Heita Todoroki serving as the informant.

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