Seira Hayami
Vital statistics
Position Daughter of Honey and Seiji
Age Fetus (in series);

3 (epilogue)

Status Alive
Played by Akiko Hiramatsu

Seira Hayami is the daughter of Honey Kisaragi and Seiji Hayami. She served as an important point near the end of the series before she was born.

History Edit

Seira was conceived at an unprecedented time before Honey's final battle with Panther Claw. Her voice managed to reach Honey as she was being overwhelmed by Panther Zora. Some time after the baby was born, she was named Seira after the late Seira Hazuki while Seiji took care of her as Honey finished her education. She was seen at her parents' wedding as a special guest.

Trivia Edit

  • Seira is named after Seira Hazuki (Misty Honey) and also has the same voice actress as her.
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