Semi-Retired Spy
Vital statistics
Position Semi-Retired Panther Claw Combatants
Age (Older Aged)
Status Incapacitated
Played by Yukijiro Hotaru
The Semi-Retired Spy is a Panther Claw combatant nearing the age of retirement while doing meanial jobs for Yuji Nakajo.


The spy usually acts to the point of his position as a spy, acting a little bothersome around targets and is loyal to Nakajo, still working for him after his retirement. When enraged or drunken, he acts with hostility.


The spy worked as Nakajo's driver during on of his jobs, injuring his hip when Honey destroyed the car. He later infiltrated the Homeless Association while heading to the Hayami Detective Agency to get information and possibly assassinate anyone who gets too close to more sensitive information. Going through talks about events that occured earlier, the spy became drunk and let things out that were not known to the association including Yuki's true nature before losing his temper and revealing his status as a combatant when Seiji tried to stop him from attacking Enjin. As Honey came in, the spy introduced himself before passing out from his hip injury and coughing up blood. What happened to him afterwards is unknown.

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