Shoma Yamamoto (real name Kosuke Yamamoto) is a Japanese actor born in Osaka Prefecture known for his roles in tokusatsu including Garo and Kamen Rider.

History Edit

Yamamoto graduated from Osaka University's Department of Performing Arts and later moved to Tokyo. His debut as a professional actor started on stage plays before starting his debut in dramas like Kaze no Haruka and Detective of my Heart. When applying for the role of Tsubasa Yamagatana for Garo Special: Byakuya no Maju, Yamamoto went through training to get the necessary skills. He later entered other tokusatsu programs like Cutie Honey: The Live as Seiji Hayami and Takato Shiramine and Taiga Nobori in Kamen Rider Kiva. Yamamoto also admitted that he watched Kamen Rider Black in his childhood with his favorite character being Shadow Moon.

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