Silver Fleurette in Flash.

The Silver Fleurette is a sword that Honey Kisaragi uses in her Cutie Honey form for attacks and is her primary weapon.


It's overall appearance varies from series to series, but usually it is depicted as a type of fencing sword such as a rapier or cutlass. The only exception being the 1973 anime where it resembles a broadsword.


In most series, the Silver Fleurette is usually a melee weapon that Cutie Honey uses for close combat. Sometimes it is used in conjunction with Honey's other tools for special attacks. The sword is very powerful and is able to cut through enemies and obstacles without damaging or breaking the blade. Some series depict it with other special abilities as well:

  • In the Flash version, Honey can use it to perform Honey Lightning Flare, and Honey Virginal Invitation in her Hyper form.
  • In Cutie Honey: The Live, Honey can strike her opponents with the sword then press her choker to destroy them.
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