Sister Jill
Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Executive
Age (Adult)
Status Deceased by end of series
Played by Chiho Okawa

Sister Jill is one of the main antagonists of Cutie Honey Flash and an executive member of the organization Panther Claw.


This incarnation of the character has a slightly more demonic appearance with having eyes with yellow sclera and red pupils, sharp teeth, chalk white skin and long green hair partially covered by a gold horned crown and S&M bra and panties on top of a red body suit.


Sister Jill is loyal to Panther Claw but looks down on her coworkers and acts more on her own self interests such as taking an item of interest during a crucial plot by her coworker and after her defeat by Cutie Honey wants nothing more than revenge.

Abilities & EquipmentEdit

Sister Jill is armed with a whip for combat which she uses along with great agility to restrain, lash, and choke enemies.


Sister Jill is the perpetrator who killed Hayato Hayami when he was investigating Panther Claw making his son Seiji her enemy. At some unknown point she interfered with an experiment done by Takeshi Kisaragi and Prince Zera trying to take the Airborne Element Fixing Device. However the attempt failed and the device went under the radar for years. Years later, the device resurfaced along with the result from an experiment, Honey Kisaragi. Jill fought Honey to reclaim the device but lost.

She was revived in episode 23 and assembled some of Panther Claw's most elite members to take down Honey and claim her device. When Honey sealed Panther Zora in the final battle, Jill was sucked into the vortex. Yet three years later she resurfaces to take revenge on Honey during her wedding by threatening her daughter Seira but was defeated for good when Honey assumed her Hyper Honey form.

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