Sister Jill
Gc 064
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Unknown
Sister Jill is the primary antagonist of Cutie Honey a Go Go! and leader of Panther Claw. Unlike other counterparts, she is a prototype of Cutie Honey and is more machine-like in nature.


Sister Jill has a similar design to her earlier counterparts but is usually seen in a dress rather than a dominatrix outfit. Her eyes also feature a more feline-like appearance.


Sister Jill was originally meant to use the Airborne Fixing Device but was unable to use it as she lacked any feeling of creativity. As leader of Panther Claw, she has control over operations but does not usually do much herself.


Sister Jill unlike her other counterparts that are greedy and desire power and eternal beauty, she is seen as emotionless and without feeling of remorse as she lacks a soul. The only reason she desires the I-System as well as destruction of Japan was because of orders from Dr. Lawrence Hell. The only time she displayed any feeling was at the end of the manga where she smiled at the chance to face Cutie Honey.


Sister Jill was the first android in the original I-System project, but was unable to use the device so she was shut down due to lacking a consciousness and replaced with the more capable Honey Kisaragi. However, she was awakened by another scientist named Dr. Lawrence Hell and proceeded to attack the other scientists. Years later she forms Panther Claw to attack Japan where Honey and Dr. Kisaragi were. She remained on the sidelines for the series only issuing orders to her combatants.


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