Sister Jill
Sisterjill (1)
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Incapacitated (turned into a seed)
Played by Eisuke Sasai

Sister Jill is the leader of Panther Claw. Unlike her other counterparts in the Cutie Honey rebirth projects, she is not a prototype of Cutie Honey, and only desires the I-System to become immortal.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Sister Jill possesses long hair with white makeup on her face. She wears a bodysuit with a uniquely designed chest plate as well as a long head piece above her face. Jill shows a cold and obsessive outlook, disliking any show of weakness by killing a failure in Panther Claw ranks and urges for eternal life and youth through nanotechnology and the blood of young women.

Abilities and Powers Edit

Unlike her other counterparts, Sister Jill is never shown fighting but has the ability to absorb nanotechnology to prolong her life and power.

History Edit

Sister Jill first revealed herself to the Big Four after Gold Claw had came back defeated. The preparations of young women to establish Jill's life and youth were ready with the exception of the completed nanotechnology from Dr. Utsugi. Jill killed Gold Claw for failing to get Dr. Utsugi. When Dr. Utsugi was acquired, Jill extracted the memories of the nanotech, but it wasn't enough so she used Dr. Utsugi as bait for Honey. As Honey fought the remaining Big Four, Natsuko Aki offered herself in exchange for Dr. Utsugi after Jill found her trying to free him. Jill used Natsuko as a bargaining chip for Honey to assimilate into Jill. Honey agreed, but Natsuko shot a bullet at the I-System button on Honey's choker which caused a Honey Flash that changed Jill into a seed that was taken in the care of her Butler.

Trivia Edit

  • Jill's character is played by a male actor Eisuke Sasai who is well known for his roles as a female character.
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