Sister Jill
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Unknown
Played by Kazue Ikura
Sister Jill is the primary antagonist of Re: Cutie Honey and the leader of Panther Claw. Unlike most of her counterparts, Sister Jill was created as the prototype of Honey Kisaragi who was shut down before she was reactivated.


Sister Jill's appearance is mostly the same as her other counterparts resembling a fair skinned dominatrix in a red velvet outfit with a buxom figure but has light green hair instead of blonde.


Sister Jill desires to cause unrest among human civilization as well as locate Cutie Honey to become whole and gain a body of eternal youth. After analyzing Honey's memories, Jill decides to destroy emotion and civilization so that she doesn't go through confusion like Honey did. However, after Honey turns the tables and attempts to do the same thing with her, Jill gains a case of independence wanting to remain herself even if she has to die and discarding her original plan to become whole with Honey.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Sister Jill is armed with a whip that is able to create phantom images of hands to attack and restrain enemies. Jill showed the ability to create puppets that became members of Panther Claw through similar nanites used by Honey's I-System such as the Panthers or her Butler. When successfully capturing Honey, she is able to transform the Jill Tree into a demonic being that attacks and destroys all in its path by fusing Honey with it.


Sister Jill was the first subject by a project used to create the ultimate biological weapon. However her structure proved to be too unstable and Dr. Kisaragi did not wish for a weapon so she was shut down. However another scientist in the project for some reason awakened Jill and she went on a rampage killing Dr. Kisaragi and making an enemy of her successor in the project, Honey Kisaragi.

Jill in later years formed Panther Claw to spread terror and fear to create an immortal body for herself. When Cutie Honey began to interfere, Jill took an interest in her and after her generals were defeated allowed Honey to enter her fortress. After Honey was overpowered thanks in part to her Butler, Jill controlled Honey and had her fuse with the Jill Tree to attack Japan. Natsuko Aki manages to reactivate Honey and Honey is able to overpower Jill. Honey attempts to fuse with Jill, but Jill relents wanting to remain herself even in death and has missiles launch from warships to take them both out. Honey manages to stop the missiles by pushing the I-System to its limit. What happens to Jill afterwards is unknown.

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