Sister Jill
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Vital statistics
Position Panther Claw Field Leader
Age early Twenties
Status Deceased
Played by Noriko Watanabe

Sister Jill is the second in command of Panther Claw under Panther Zora. She was the most recurring villain in the series. She has some differences than her original manga counterpart, the most apparent one being that she didn't transform into a panther when she died.


Sister Jill's general appearance is a tall blonde and voluptuous woman, she wore a tight red and revealing dominatrix outfit with some metal studs going down the arms and legs. She also wore a purple mask which covered the majority of her face. To accompany her outfit she usually carried a horse whip.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Jill used her whip frequently in battle which could throw fire balls, she had super strength and brilliant agility, was able to spawn a flammable wind-like barrier from her belt buckle, could conduct electricity by touch, jump high, and use bombs. When not in combat she could disguise herself as a human and had a pet bat that transported crystal balls.


Sister Jill would commonly accompany the members of Panther Claw when trying to either kill Honey, steal the Airborne Element Fixing Device or any other crimes. 

After nearly all the main Panther Claw leaders had been slain, Sister Jill has a confrontation with Honey. Using "Honey Special", Honey creates jewels that distract Jill and sent her into a frenzy.

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