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Sister Jill
Sister Jill 2016
Vital statistics
Position Villain/Leader
Age ???
Status ???

Sister Jill is the main antagonist of the 2016 film Cutie Honey -Tears-. She is the cold and cruel ruler of the city and an advanced A.I. android like Honey.


Jill's Evil Grin

Jill's sinister smile, one of the few emotions expressed by this cold and wicked machine.

Sister Jill, being a machine, exhibits a cold and stoic personality. She is also shown to be arrogant and sadistic, taking some bit of pleasure in inflicting pain on Cutie Honey and viewing herself as complete and perfect.


From what was revealed in the second trailer Jill has these powers:

  • Super Speed: Sister Jill is able to move at amazing speeds to strike her opponent.
  • Super Strength: Sister Jill has the ability to lift, hurl, knock back and crush her prey with very little effort. She is apparently so strong she badly damaged Cutie Honey and pierced through her body with an open palm strike. Another frightening demonstration of her power was her effortlessly hurling Hayami and knocking him unconscious, the impact causing him to spew blood from his mouth.
  • Levitation: Sister Jill briefly showed the ability to float in the air while taunting Cutie Honey.
  • Machine-Computer interfacing: Sister Jill has ports on her back that can connect to wires to access the city's computers, allowing her to oversee the entire area and remote operate security drones.