Sister Jill
C10 body
Vital statistics
Position Leader of Panther Claw
Age N/A
Status Deceased
Played by Atsuko Tanaka
Sister Jill is the primary antagonist of Cutie Honey Universe leading Panther Claw. She first debuted under the alias, Inspector Genet working as an ally to Honey Kisaragi.

Appearance Edit

Sister Jill is a tall woman with flowing blonde hair and a buxom figure. She wears a purple mask that covers the top half of her face resembling a pair of pointy ears and circular gems decorating the forehead. Her face sports purple makeup going down the sides of her head and red lips. For clothing she wears a red one piece suit with openings on the shoulders and cleavage area, is adorned with a dark red sash and high-heeled boots, sharp claws on the hands, and a light purple whip resembling a tail. Around her neck is a pearl necklace.

In her disguise of Inspector Genet, she retains her blonde hair and figure but forgoes her mask in favor of purple eyeliner. She is usually seen in a brown overcoat while wearing different clothes.

Personality Edit

Sister Jill is described as a sadist yet possesses absolute charisma.


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