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St. Chapel Academy is a private Catholic all-girls boarding school located in a mountain range in Japan. The main character Honey Kisaragi was sent here for safety by her father.


St. Chapel Academy has a very Victorian Era design while having traditional styled classrooms.

Rules and RegulationsEdit

St. Chapel Academy has a very strict system of rules that are mainly enforced by the even stricter dean Miharu Tsuneni where the students are severely punished if they break any of these rules like whiplashing a student for allowing another student gets out after hours.




Honey attended school at St. Chapel Academy for safety from Panther Claw, but when going out had to remain hidden from Miharu Tsunene. When coming back after a long night fighting Panther Claw kaijin, Panther Claw tracked Honey down by tricking her and later attacked the entire school killing the staff and most of the students. What happened to the rest of the students is unknown.

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