For other uses, see St. Chapel Academy (Disambiguation).St. Chapel Academy is an all-girls boarding Catholic school located somewhere in the mountains of Japan. Honey Kisaragi was sent here for protection by her father.


The campus and buildings have a Victorian Era style architecture from the outside and several rooms including the dorm rooms. The classrooms on the other hand feature a traditional style of decorating for a school.




Rules and RegulationsEdit

St. Chapel Academy has a set of strict rules and regulations that are enforced by Miharu Tsuneni. Whenever someone is caught disobeying the rules, that person would normally be severely punished but Honey usually got away with her pranks as there was no solid evidence against her.


Honey was sent to St. Chapel Academy by her father for her protection from Panther Claw which because of its location in the high mountains made it difficult for the burglars to track Honey down. Honey would usually cause mischief at the Academy for most of the series until Sister Jill attacked and destroyed the academy.

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