Takeo Watanabe (nicknamed Nabetake) was a Japanese musician and composer known for composing theme songs anime and films. He is best known for composing the Cutie Honey theme song.

History Edit

Born April 16, 1933 as the oldest son of the composer Urahito Watanabe, Takeo graduated from Musashi University Faculty of Economics. At the age of 23, he studied abroad in Paris, France to learn classical music in the Schola Cantorum de Paris. For a while he joined Radio Tokyo, but as his feelings for music grew very strong he left the company. Later Takeo became involved in the composing of music for programs like Star of the Giants, Cutie Honey, and Mobile Suit Gundam. He died on June 2, 1989 from renal failure at the age of 56. His legacy however left a big impression with Takeo winning the 4th Lifetime Achievement Award in 2008 and his student Joe Hisashi composed music for the famous Miyazaki films.

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