Takeshi Kisaragi
Vital statistics
Position Scientist
Age (Middle Aged)
Status Deceased
Played by Akira Kamiya
Dr. Takeshi Kisaragi is the creator of Honey Kisaragi and Seira Hazuki along with the Airborne Element Fixing Device. Unlike other versions of Dr. Kisaragi, this one was still alive at his time of introduction but eventually died halfway into the series.


Dr. Kisaragi is a man in his late 30s with light brown hair and eyes. He wears a suit with a brown overcoat a light yellow shirt with red necktie, green vest, and brown pants.


Dr. Kisaragi had a rather distant relationship with his daughter Honey as she had to come visit him only on her day off. But he nonetheless loved her deeply and did not want Honey to know about her origins until she was ready. When at the worst times, he protected Honey from an explosion by sacrificing himself.


Dr. Kisaragi was an accomplished scientist having built a device that is able to change and create objects on the molecular level as well as artificial humans.


With funding and resources from Prince Zera, Dr. Kisaragi started a project to create artificial humans that are able to use the Element Device. However, Sister Jill intervened to steal the device. With only two girls left, Dr. Kisaragi took her in and the completed device. Dr. Kisaragi named the girl Honey and raised her as his own daughter as a normal girl. One day when Honey was coming to visit him, he was abducted by Panther Claw. However he escaped and went into hiding while suffering from a temporary memory loss from his escape. He was left wandering the streets until he eventually reunited with Honey and regained his memories. He was shocked to see Honey with the device and how she knew about Seira and wanted to stay quiet until he pushed Honey out of the way of an explosive attack by Dirty Honey.

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