Tarantula Panther
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Vital statistics
Position Witch Soldier
Age 20s
Status Deceased
Tarantula Panther was a member of the terrorist group known as Panther Claw. She has a minor role in the first two episodes of Cutie Honey Flash, with her partner Scissors Claw taking most of the screen time.


Tarantula Panther is a thin and short girl, she has pale gray skin and dark purple hair on her arms and legs. Her hair was styled to resemble spiders legs, her large eyes and yellow pupils and she had red lipstick. There were red marking around her breast and thighs, and a large spider-like thorax on her back.


Tarantula could spew powerful webs from her thorax that would suffocate and bind even fully grown people. She controlled a small army of deadly spiders that followed her every command.


Tarantula Panther was shown to be a cruel girl with little care for human life, but an absolute adoration for arachnids, visibly hurt and upset when many of her pets were killed. 


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