Tarantula Panther
Tc 218
Vital statistics
Position Elite member of Panther Claw
Age (Adult)
Status Active
For other uses, see Tarantula Panther.

Tarantula Panther is a high ranking member of Panther Claw, working directly under Sister Jill and usually acts as a spy for information.


Tarantula Panther wears a skintight outfit covered in white and black stripes. She has long silk-like hair, oval shaped eyes with cat-like features, a crooked smile, and sharp nailed hands.


Tarantula Panther serves as spy for Panther Claw's operations and possesses great reflexes and maneuverability allowing her to move and remain in an air vent for extended periods of time and move through said area with great speed and finesse. She is able to release spider silk from her wrists that can be used like communication devices for her to listen in on conversations and can be used offensively in combat to ensnare as well as slice cleanly through people and objects. It also serves as a form of transportation.


Tarantula Panther is loyal to Sister Jill but is twisted and sadistic taking gleeful joy at toying with her enemies. She is a vicious killer, but shows care towards her allies.


Tarantula Panther spent part of the series spying on the Safety Bureau office informing the rest of Panther Claw of the activities of Natsuko Aki and Cutie Honey. She was later discovered when Honey noticed one of her threads during a conversation about an information snitch. Honey transformed and fought Tarantula Panther off until she escaped teasing Honey on what was to come. She later formulates a plan using Fire Claw as bait for Honey to come fight her and uses her webbing to track listen in and track down St. Chapel Academy where Honey was hiding out at. Confronting Natsuko and the dorm dean Miharu Tsuneni, Tarantula Claw grappled them while having her subordinates attack the school. Miharu subdued Tarantula Claw with her whip until she was decapitated by Dragon Panther. Tarantula Panther then killed Ayuko Sato by slicing her in half with her webbing after Ayuko was screaming at the head of Miharu. As Dragon Panther began to be overwhelmed, Tarantula Panther called for a tactical retreat escaping with Dragon.


  • This version of Tarantula Panther seems to take some light from Cobalt Claw, such as serving as a spy and popping out multiple arms when in combat.


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