Tarantula Panther
Vital statistics
Position Combatant
Age 15
Status Unknown
For other uses, see Tarantula Panther.

Tarantula Panther was one of the main members of the criminal organization known as Panther Claw. She seemed to be the youngest and most innocent of the kaijin, often staying out of fights.


Tarantula Panther was the youngest member of Panther Claw at only 15 years old. She wore a skin tight grey latex suit with stripes going around it, she had a large fake thorax on her back from which she could spin web. Her hair was fashioned to resemble spider legs.


She was able to walk up walls with ease, she could also spin web from her thorax which could stick to any surface. Her webbing was also able to create disguises for her allies such as Iron Shadow.


Tarantula Panther seemed to be more innocent than her other teammates but she still had a bit off a mean streak as shown when she was mocking a helpless Seiji Hayami, she also seemed to greatly admire Sister Jill but was still somewhat intimidated by her.


Cutie Honey:Edit

Cutie Honey 90's:Edit

Tarantula Panther makes a brief cameo right at the start of the story, appearing in a flashback sequence that looks over the many rougeish agents of Panther Claw that Honey had come across.

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