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Tarantula Panther was the secondary antagonist of the second chapter of Honey VS.


Tarantula Panther seemed far older than her original counterpart, she still wore the same tight striped body suit and had her hair fashioned like spider legs.

Powers and Abilities[]

Tarantula Panther was able to walk up walls and spin web from her hands and thorax.


Tarantula Panther had attempted to kill Honey Kisaragi along with Sister Jill. Unknown to what was going on, the Yokai Squad goes to investigate the action finding several dead Panthers scattered about. Yukikohime and Kapperu are captured by Tarantula Panther, who threatens to kill them but is distracted when Honey and Jill come crashing through a wall. This gives time for Yukiko to freeze herself and Kappaeru, and for Enma to set her on fire.