We have been working on the project on and off for over 3-4 months now and we are making considerable progress.

    Since this wiki has no active admin, we need to "plant the flag" if we really wish to get it off the ground.

    I'll do the request if you wish me to... as I have the most edits at the moment..sound good?


    Last Edit: May 8, 2013

    Total Edits: 52

    Wiki Status: Abandoned by admin for approx. 9 months

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    • Yeah I do think this place could use an admin and bureaucrat. But whoever gets the promotion can also give others the same position to others if he/she thinks they're worthy. I'd say you, me, and Spellbinder each did our parts for this wiki and we've all done what we had to do, so anyone's fine.

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    • I thought about it for a while and have decided to hold off for now and request the Cyborg 009 wiki for adoption. It is a smaller project and we could complete it in a shorter amount of time. 

      That should give us a little more time for us to expand and show more results to the administrative staff.

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