Toenail of Satan
Vital statistics
Position Actor
Age Unknown
Status Deceased
The Toenail of Satan actor was a minor character the third chapter of Cutie Honey 90s


Never seen out of costume or make-up, the actor wore a replica outfit of the Kekko Kamen antagonist, Toenail of Satan. Complete with jester's cap and flowing purple cape.


The actor was playing the part of the Toenail of Satan during the shooting of a low budget film adaptation of Kekko Kamen. Serving as the films main antagonist he shared several scenes with the films star Rinko Terada, who was playing the role of Kekko Kamen. After Terada's corruption at the hands of Panther Claw, Terada viciously murdered the Toenail of Satan actor on camera before fleeing.

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